NSP 028 :  Angmar - Metamorphosis CD

Release date: January 23rd, 2006

Available as normal version in jewel case and as
special edition in digipack, ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!

The special edition is only available from Northern Silence!

1. Resurgence (Intro)
2. Dead Nation
3. Normannia
4. Homini Delenda Est
5. Metamorphosis
6. When The World Overturns
7. Supreme Being
8. Le Paria
9. In Die Unterwelt (Outro)

Offical Homepage:

Reviews: (in French)
(in German): 5.5/7
Friedhof Magazine
(in Spanish): 7.5/10
Haternal Webzine (in Italian): 8/10
La Horde Noire (in French): 7.5/10
Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
(in French): 8.5/10 (in German): 8/10
Metalglory (in German): 7.5/10
Metalmessage (in German): 7/10
Metalspheres (in German)
Myrrthronth (in German): 7.5/10 (in German) (in German): 10/13