Antigone's Fate
Zum Horizont...

NSP 176 :  Antigone's Fate -  Zum Horizont DigiCD

Release date: September 20th, 2019

Antigone's Fate is a German solo project playing melancholic, sometimes even mournful Atmospheric Black Metal that is rich in variety, both in terms of musical expression as well as emotions it evokes.

Continuing where the debut album "Insomnia" left off, yet easily topping its already very good predecessor, the second album  "Zum Horizont..." is a brilliantly captivating work, deeply emotional and masterfully executed.

The first pressing of the CD comes as Collector’s Edition in Digipack with 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.


1. Abendstern (13:41)
2. Morgengrauen (9:09)
3. Herbstnacht (9:02)
4. Der graue Block (21:09)

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