Errances Oniriques

NSP 079 :  Belenos - Errances Oniriques CD

Release date CD: May 15th, 2009
Release date A5-DigiCD: March 30th, 2018

As most of you know,"Errances Oniriques", the highly acclaimed debut album of Belenos from 2001
(Digipack, Sacral Productions, ltd. to 1000 copies), is long sold out and very hard to get nowadays.

Due to the growing success of Belenos in France and worldwide since that time and the continuing
requests from many fans, Loic decided to have his debut album reissued before the next new chapter
of Belenos is being opened.

However, being the perfectionist that he is, the new version of "Errance Oniriques" had to be improved
in every possible way in order to reach his current standards. Hence, the album has been completely
re-recorded by Loic himself, who proved with "Chemins de Souffrance" that he is very adept not only
on vocals and all instruments but also at mixing, mastering and layout creation. And because that is not
enough he has recorded two of his own interpretations of songs from Frostmoon & Aeternus, complete
with French lyrics & the precious, very own style of Belenos.


1. Le domaine des songes - acte 2
2. Errances oniriques
3. Suppôt de néant
4. Voyage subliminal
5. Morfondu
6. En quête d'immortalité
7. Le dernier pas
8. Seigneur de l'obscurité*
9. Serment de vengeance*
* exclusive bonus tracks

(click here for lyrics in english)

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Reviews: (in Spanish): 9.5/10
(in German): 5/6 (in French): 9/10 (in French): 9.5/10 (in English) (in English): 85/100
(in English): 8.2/10 (in German): 8/10 (in German): 8.5/10 (in German): 8/10
(in French): 8/10 (in Spanish): 8.5/10
(in German) (in English) (in English) (in German): 10/13 (in English): 4/5 (in French): 17/20 (in German): 4/5 (in German & English): 8.5/10 (in German) (in English): 96/100 (in English)

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