Chemins de Souffrance

NSP 060 :  Belenos - Chemins de Souffrance CD

Release date CD: December 7th, 2007
Release date A5-DigiCD: March 30th, 2018

The new Belenos album consists of two parts.
Chapter I - "Allégorie d'une Souffrance" is a completely rerecorded version of the fantastic second demo
from 1998, whereas Chapter II - "Les Chemins de la Mort" features four brand new songs written in 2007.

The fact that both chapters can be released as a single album without any differences in style or sound once again
proves that Belenos fans shall never be disappointed. Since the beginning 12 years ago Belenos play their unique
interpretation of Celtic Black Metal and "Chemins de Souffrance" shows that even after a dozen years it's still of
the highest order.

The CD will be released as normal version in jewel case and as special edition in
metal case incuding an embroidered patch, limited to 200 handnumbered copies!

The special edition will only be available available from Northern Silence.


Chapter I - "Allégorie d'une Souffrance"
1. Oraison Funébre
2. Le Déchirement
3. Funeste et Hivernal
4. Le Domaine des Songes - acte I

Chapter II - "Les Chemins de la Mort"
5. Barrad Du
6. War Hent an Ancou
7. L'Enfer Froid
8. Noz-Veil

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Reviews: (in Spanish): 8.75/10 (in German): 9/10 (in German): 9/13 (in English): 81/100 (in Spanish): 7.75/10
Hard'n'Heavy #137 - Dec. 2007 (in French): 4/5 (in German) (in French): 8/10 (in English) (in English): 8.6/10 (in German): 9/10 (in German): 8/10 (in English): 4.5/5
Metallian Mag #50 - Dec. 2007 (in French): 5/6 (in English): 8/10 (in English): 83/100 (in Italian): 90/100 (in German) (in English)
Scream Magazine #122 - Dec. 2007 (in Norwegian): 5/5 (in Italian): 7.5/10 (in German): 4/5 (in German & English): 8.5/10 (in French): 5/6 (in English) (in German) (in German): 8.5/10 (in French): 7.5/10