NSP 014 US :  Bloodbark - Bonebranches DigiCD

Release date: June 15th, 2018

Bloodbark is an anonymous project with no country of origin. The decision to remain anonymous stems from a desire to let the art present itself without any distractions. The story of Bloodbark began long ago, but came together recently; it is a connection of nature and music, of individuals and commonality. An intertwining of words, images and sound produced a harmony that gives place to everyone. Words tell the story that is carried through the wind, while the images invite all to visit the places that the sound paints inside the mind.

This project comes from established names, who decided to instead step back and rather share a piece of their home, a piece of nature that belongs to all who listen. With the digital release of Bonebranches in 2018 the veil has been pulled and the light of day shone in. Not long after, Northern Silence Productions decided to add to the story and took Bloodbark under their wing to ensure a physical release in the near future.

The CD is released as part of the Northern Silence Underground Series and comes as Collectorís Edition in Digipack, limited to 500 copies.


1. Eyeless Winter (11:13)
2. Ferns and Roads (17:56)
3. As Wolves (10:43)


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"I must admit I hurried to write about this album, as it is one of the best albums I have heard in the past two years. [...] The pure melancholy and hope that pours on the listener, created by the use of flutes or piano chords combined with guitars and a sorrowful voice brings sorrow and joy at the same time. There is also beauty in darkness. No matter how thick the fog, no matter how dense the snow layer, one day the sky will be clear, one day the grass will be waved by the wind."

"This is a beautiful, cold and awe inspiring creation; you donít so much listen to it as experience its harmonious winds caressing your ear drums, whispering to you everything you could ever need to know.

ďMajesticĒ is a term that gets flogged to death in atmospheric/epic black metal reviews by any idiot who pretends he can write about music (ahem), but the music these mysterious folk create is the very definition of the word. See the picture on the front cover? Each of the three lengthy compositions here are the perfect musical counterpart to it. The grand sweeping songs, mostly mid-paced and tinted with sorrow and wonder, are just so damned majestic and will make you yearn for places youíve never been.

The performances are wonderful, but even they play second fiddle to the overwhelming atmosphere conveyed by this release."

"Ein echter Geheimtipp fŁr Freunde von atmosphšrischem Black Metal."
8/10 -

"I know I like atmospheric black, and Bloodbark really nails it. The 3 track, 40 minute album Bonebranches gives that aggressive spaciness that fills up your headphones and envelops you into a different world. Itís exactly what you want if you want to space out a little. [...] Some of the tracks evoke Wolves in the Throne Room. You can hear the layering and the reverb giving the tracks depth. Thereís a number of droning parts and repeating melody sections reminiscent of WITTR. [...] Bloodbark is exactly what I want to listen to. Itís spacey. Itís deep. Itís a metal artist who uses piano effectively without cheapening the whole record. Itís a mature sound for a first record from a metal band. Itís only been out for a few weeks, but Iíve already listened to it a dozen times. If you like head-bobbing atmo-black, go find Bloodbark."

"Bonebranches, the debut album by Bloodbark, is one hell of a listen. I wonít beat around the bush here, this record is something else. [...] Bonebranches is more than than your average atmospheric black metal album filled with distant shrieks, tremolos, blast-beats and bad production, though these elements are all present (minus the poor production). Thereís so much more than that on offer here. [...] This albumís greatest strength is its multi-textured nature Ė its complexities and nuances serve to make it a challenging yet rewarding listen. [...] Despite the fact that Bonebranches is a debut album, thereís a maturity and grace present in the songwriting that suggests to me that this isnít the first rodeo for the mysterious, unnamed entities behind Bloodbark. Whatever the case, this album is a must-hear. Itís elegant, soothing, intense and harsh all at once. Itís a journey of a listen and I hope to hear many great things from Bloodbark in the future."

"Gloriously delirious, pure and fantastic, with superb harmonies, the record has only three long tracks... [...] With strong melodies and an evaporating, splendidly sinister style, the record has as its higher peak the excellency of efficient and dark, but surreal guitar lines, with powerful, but sincere and serene overtones, that showcases a formidable harmony with overtly majestic keyboards, that creates a singular universe of potentially dreamlike melodies, isolated in a peculiar realm of firm lucidity and peace. [...] Sometimes flirting with epic black metal, and executing and efficient convergence with some more traditional traits of black metal, this record is the perfect symbiosis of pure artistic eccentricity, done with categorical ability, and genuine talent. With overwhelming glory and a precious sense of ambitious creativity, this sagacious act has all the necessary qualities to project itself to the center of the underground scene."

"...the debut album "Bonebranches" proves to be a dark and dreary three song album that does a superlative job of conveying raw emotion Ė this was not an easy album to evaluate, as this reviewer was brought to tears several times. [...] Atmospheric black metal is not for everyone and it can be hard to distinguish yourself in such a saturated genre, but on their very first attempt, BLOODBARK completely comes into their own, laying down three gut-wrenching tracks that have serious potential to bring up repressed memories."
9/10 -

90/100 -

"It's not very often, or in this listeners experience ever, that when one listens to black metal you get a sense of tranquility with a hint of agressiveness, but with Bonebranches, you get just that. With 3 songs and a rough runtime of 40 minutes, you know you are in for something, in lieu of better terms, "epic". Instead of taking the traditional route, Bloodbark take their time with each song, allowing the listener to truly cherish the beauty that each song crafts without being overly long or boring. Whoever these musicians are, they know through experience how to think outside the box and hone their songwriting skills on the important things as opposed to trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I for one look forward to seeing who these musicians are and what the future has in store for them, because if this album is any indication, they surely are going to be big in the black metal scene."

"Itís a rarity that we find a gem that strikes a chord within us to the point of these words not adequately describing its quality. [...] Yes, itís that good.  Iíll go so far as to say this is one of the atmospheric black metal albums Iíve heard in the last 2 years; melodies that reach the sky and skewer the clouds, perfect dynamic balance of build-ups and quiet moments, vocals that scream of desperation and yet, hope. [...] Atmospheric black metal just doesnít get any better than this.  Period.

Stunning, majestic and uplifting.  Extremely highly recommended."
10/10 -

9/10 -