Cân Bardd
The Last Rain

NSP 168 :  Cân Bardd - The Last Rain Digi-CD

Release date: February 22nd, 2019

Influenced by bands such as Caladan Brood, Elderwind, Saor and Gallowbraid, Cân Bardd was founded in 2016 as a one-man project by then 18 year old Malo Civelli from Switzerland, with the purpose of creating an outlet for his feelings and ideas that would be at once heavy and aggressive, yet also melodic and atmospheric.

With the debut "Nature Stays Silent" Cân Bardd already enthralled a lot of fans in the Atmospheric Black Metal community. "The Last Rain", Cân Bardd's second album, continues where the debut left off, and yet turned into a huge step forward from the already very good material of its predecessor. Improved songwriting as well as an excellent production this time around solidify Cân Bardd's ambition to stand proudly in the Atmospheric Black Metal olymp alongside bands like Caladan Brood, Summoning, Sojourner, Elderwind, Eldamar or Pure Wrath.

The CD comes as Collector’s Edition in 4-panel digipack with 8-page booklet, limited to 999 copies.


1. Between Hope and Reality (14:56)
2. Celestial Horizon (8:39)
3. Fog of War (5:22)
4. Clouds and Feuds (11:19)
5. The Last Rain (10:27)


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"Overall, this is an excellent album. It makes full use of all of the Atmospheric elements of the genre along with the traditional ones. It’s deep, dark, and full of fury, but also so delicate and pretty.  Malo does a nice job of balancing these different elements, in a full and rich platter for the listener. The Folky elements also come into play for variety, in perfect doses. Never too much, but just enough to register on your palate. This album really has it all!"
9/10 - www.metal-temple.com