Seil På Skyggans Hav

NSP 022 :  Draugsang - Seil På Skyggans Hav MCD / Split LP

Release date MCD: August 2005
Release date Split LP: Samhain 2006

I'm glad the songs on this MCD can finally be released the way they deserve it! Since I got this release
it became one of my alltime faves - this is Norwegian Black Metal at it's very best, the way i love it and
I'm sure many of you will love these songs, too!

Two of them were composed years ago, in 1998, but they were never released except as mp3s due to
the lack of good sound quality. The music, though, which is of course the most important thing, is way
above almost anything else I heard since the glorious 90s! There's pure magic in the songs, if you're
really into Scandinavian Black Metal you'll know what i mean...it will never let you go again! -Norghash-

1. Seil På Skyggans Hav
2. Alt Håp E Tapt
3. Svartskjær

The Split LP is limited to 500 copies and includes Mörker's "Den Sista Utfärden" MCD on side B.


Blackmetal.at (in German): 8/10
(in German): 8/10
(in German): 6/7
Evilized Webzine
(in German): 10/10
Friedhof Magazine
(in Spanish): 7.5/10
Haternal Webzine
(in Italian): 7/10
Metalnews (in German): 5.5/7
Metalreviews (in English)
Metalspheres (in German)
(in German): 8/10
Powermetal.de (in German)
Russian Darkside e-Zine (in Russian): 7/10
Schwermetall.ch (in German): 10/13
Stygian Shadows Zine #12: 8/10


Evilized Webzine (in English & German)