Pray For Death

NSP 049 :  Dusk - Pray For Death CD

Release date: May 4th, 2007

2007 brings another Dusk album and fans of the Hungarian duo know what to expect -
this is True Carpathian Black Metal and this time even the vocals are done not in English
but in the language of Transylvania. On "Pray For Death" the cold, ancient grimness of
the Carpathian woods and mountains is channeled into the very own Dusk style, which
should appeal to all fans of their previous albums as well as worshippers of Burzum,
Wigrid and the like.

Available as normal version in jewel case and as special edition
in metal case incl. logo patch, ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!

The special edition is only available from Northern Silence.


1. Idézet
2. Örök Álmok
3. Csak Egy Árny
4. Ima
5. Átérezni A Halált
6. Sötétség

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