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Apostle Of Solitude - Last Sunrise

Released: February 2010

Format: CD & 2LP

CD - undisclosed

white/brown blend vinyl - 170 copies
clear vinyl - 330 copies

Additional Information:

In life there is death. In happiness, in hope, and in love there is also tragedy. There is hopelessness, despair, and grief. There is Apostle of Solitude. True American Doom Metal in its most raw, unfiltered, sincere form. Apostle of Solitude rose from the ashes of The Keep in the autumn of 2004, releasing the self-titled demo in autumn of 2005 and the "Embraced By The Black" demo in early 2007, before releasing the massive "Sincerest Misery" full length debut via Eyes Like Snow in October 2008.

While Sincerest Misery took the international metal community by storm and quickly catapulted the band to the forefront of “required listening” bands in Doom, the band's sophomore follow-up, Last Sunrise, is set to go even further down the path that Sincerest Misery began, taking the listener even deeper into these beautiful cold depths of sorrow and ruin. 

For every new dawn there is also a Last Sunrise. That cold day of reckoning when it becomes all too clear that tomorrow may never come. There is a certain clarity in this realization that makes today that much more critical in one's quest for knowledge and truth. 

As evidenced by the band's live performances, notably at the Born Too Late fest in Baltimore, MD and the Templars of Doom (third crusade) fest in Indianapolis, IN, the live arena is one in which the band thrives, and where the primal intensity and raw emotion of Apostle of Solitude can be witnessed first hand. Booking requests and/or requests for interviews or additional information are welcomed, and may be sent to the band at apostleofsolitude -at- gmail.com.

The European CD edition features three exclusive bonus tracks. The limited 2LP will have six bonus tracks and
comes with high quality packaging and heavy, coloured vinyl.


I. Last Sunrise (Requiem)
II. Acknowledging The Demon
III. Other Voices
IV. Letting Go Of The Wheel
V. Hunter Sick Rapture
VI. December Drives Me To Tears
VII. Sister Cruel
VIII. Frontiers Of Pain
IX. Coldest Love
+ bonus tracks



www.blistering.com (in English): 8/10
(in English)

dontcountonitreviews.blogspot.com (in English)
(in English): 8/10
www.hellbound.ca (in English): 9/10
(in English)
www.metalfactory.ch (in German): 8/10
www.metalreview.com (in English): 8.9/10
www.musikreviews.de (in German): 12/15
www.popmatters.com (in English)
www.stonerrock.com (in English)
theobelisk.net (in English)