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Hour Of 13 - The Ritualist

Released: February 2010

Format: CD & LP

CD - undisclosed

1st press:
black/yellow blend vinyl - 160 copies
purple splatter vinyl - 160 copies
purple vinyl - 340 copies
2nd press:
black vinyl - undisclosed

Additional Information:

Formed in early 2006 by Chad Davis (ex-Demoncy,
Father Befouled, Profane Grace) Hour Of 13 set out
on a path of obscure and dark Heavy/Doom Metal.

Joined by Phil Swanson (Vestal Claret, Upwards Of
Endtime, Seamount) in 2007, the debut album was
recorded and unleashed to great acclaim.

Mixing elements of traditional Doom & Heavy Metal,
Hour Of 13 have crafted a sound well deserved unto
them. Phil Swansons lyrics, dealing with the occult,
black magic, satanism and evil in general add to the
obscure image of the band and go well with their
traditional sound, creating a nostalgic aura and
reminding the listener of the early 80s and bands
such as Pagan Altar, Ritual and old Mercyful Fate.

The limited LP
comes with high quality packaging and heavy, coloured (1st press) or black (2nd press) vinyl. The first press also includes a logo sticker.


I. The Gathering
II. The Ritualists
III. Naked Star
IV. Demons All Around Me
V. Possession
VI. Soldiers Of Satan
VII. Evil Inside
VIII. The Crawlspace



Blabbermouth (in English): 9/10

www.brutalism.com (in English): 4/5
(in English)
www.doommantia.com (in English): 9.5/10
www.longislandpress.com (in English): 8/10
www.lordsofmetal.nl (in English): 87/100
www.metalpsalter.com (in English): 4/5
www.metalreview.com (in English): 8.2/10
(in German): 12/15
www.obliveon.de (in German): 8/10
Rock Hard #276 (in German): 8/10
www.stonerrock.com (in English)
www.the-pit.de (in German): 8/10


www.lordsofmetal.nl (in English)

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