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Capilla Ardiente - Solve et Coagula

Released: September 2010

Format: MCD

Limitation: undisclosed

Additional Information:

CAPILLA ARDIENTE (meaning "Burning Chapel") were formed around 2005 by  Claudio Botarro & Felipe Plaza.

The name "CAPILLA ARDIENTE" is a phrase in Spanish that means "burning chapel", which actually is the place where the recently deceased receive their funeral (namely, their house, a church or any other specific place), usually lighted by many funeral candles. It’s also a name given to a funerary rite.

Having been mostly influenced by old school Metal from the 80┤s and early 90┤s, first and foremost Heavy, Doom and Thrash Metal, their music breathes the true spirit of these days. The most notable influences when it comes to the actual sound of CAPILLA ARDIENTE, however, are Epic Doom bands one an all - Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Mercy, Sorcerer, Solstice and Scald. If you add a bit of King Diamond & Mercyful Fate, old Vo´Vod, Celtic Frost and Mot÷rhead to that you┤ll get a good idea of what CAPILLA ARDIENTE sounds like.

Their first release is entitled “Solve et Coagula”, which is an alchemic concept that means separate and unite. As a concept recording, the first two parts consist of “Solve” - expressing the separation from dogmas and lies and ending with a definitive dissolution - and part 3 & 4 consist of “Coagula” - the painful quest for the real self and its definitive rise. 

The EP was recorded between March & April 2009 in a local studio and first released on vinyl in late 2009 by the vinyl-only label High Roller Records from Germany. During that time, they signed a deal with Eyes Like Snow for the upcoming CDs and it was decided to release “Solve et Coagula” on CD in order to make it available to a wider audience and spread the band’s name around the globe. Meanwhile, Claudio & Felipe, who both also play in PROCESSION, are composing new songs for their debut CD, scheduled for a release in early 2011.


I. Solve 
Pt. I: Materia Vvlgar
Pt. II: Disolvciˇn

II. Coagula
 Pt. III: Phoenicopervs
Pt. IV. Coagvlaciˇn



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(in English): 89/100
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