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Spirit Descent - Doominion

Released: September 2010

Format: CD

Limitation: undisclosed

Additional Information:

SPIRIT DESCENT was formed in mid 2008 by former COLD EMBRACE vocalist and bass player Andreas Libera, and joined shortly thereafter by Jan Eichelbaum, the former front man of DECEPTIVE SILENCE.

During the following months, the songs for the debut album were written, and three of them were released as an online-demo in early 2009. With their main influences being Epic Doom Metal bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Warning and Solstice, that is exactly what the band delivered, and the songs were instantly acclaimed very highly by many Doom Metal fans. Solstice main man and Miskatonic owner Rich Walker even hailed „Land Of Tears“ as one of the best doom metal songs he had heard in years!

In spring 2009 the line-up was completed by Guido Preussner on drums, and with the help of session-guitarist Joachim Folta the band recorded their debut in Michael Hahn's well-known Rosenquarz Studio (Warning, The Lamp Of Thoth, Isen Torr) 

As they left the studio they were holding „Doominion“ in their hands, an album that is pure Doom Metal of the highest order. They didn't try to reinvent the style, they simply incorporated what Doom Metal is all about - it’s traditional, heavy, epic, true and so good! 

Joachim has since been replaced by none other than THE LAMP OF THOTH's Randy Reaper and SPIRIT DESCENT signed a deal with Eyes Like Snow who are going to release "Doominion" in September 2010. 


1. Greed
2. Land Of Tears
3. In Hatred
4. The Path Of Doom
4. Demon
6. A New Dawn
7. Of A Nation Forlorn
8. Stranger On Earth



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