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The River - Drawing Down The Sun

Released: September 2010

Format: LP

black vinyl - ltd. 222
clear vinyl - ltd. 222
clear/black vinyl - ltd. 55*
(*Only available from our shop - one copy per customer)

Additional Information:

At long last, the magnificent "Drawing Down The Sun" album of England's THE RIVER will get its much requested vinyl treatment. Their 2006 debut stands as one of the best traditional Doom Metal releases in recent history, with remarkable female vocals that, along with it's wonderful songs, make the album into something totally unique.

The vinyl version comes with heavy, UV-lacquered Gatefold jacket, on heavy black and coloured vinyl.


1. A Close Study
2. If Only
3. So Down
4. Amber
4. Alone With My Thoughts
6. A Relation To Absence
7. Inside The Flood Diary
8. Broken Window


ltd. 222           ltd. 222           ltd. 55