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EYE 019

Apostle Of Solitude / Rituals Of The Oak / The Flight Of Sleipnir

Released: May/June 2011

Format: Digi CD/LP

Digi CD - undisclosed
LP black vinyl - 300
LP purple vinyl - 200

Additional Information:

This split presents three different kinds of Doom from three Eyes Like Snow bands. All three have their own unique style but the common denominator here is traditional Doom Metal.

While Apostle of Solitude are perhaps the most "classic" Doom band on this release, with a strong 80s influence, Rituals of the Oak, like on their debut album, deliver a monumental piece of Epic Doom Metal with grandiose female vocals, and the Flight of Sleipnir offer two fantastic tracks of the killer Viking/Doom blend for which they are known.

All songs on this split are brand new compositions and exclusive to this limited Digi CD & LP. It comes with another killer artwork by D.C. as the icing on this tasty cake.

The vinyl version comes with heavy, UV-lacquered Gatefold jacket, on black and purple vinyl and includes an A2 poster with exclusive artwork.


1. AOS - This Mania
2. ROTO - Hallward
3. TFOS - A Legacy Of Iron
4. AOS - Transgressions
5. TFOS - Draugr




The A2 poster that comes with the LP can also be purchased separately in our online shop.


"This is another great split album and an awesome way to discover three great bands."
9/10 -

"Als Fazit steht eine empfehlenswerte Visitenkarte zu Buche, die drei hochgradig begabte Doom Acts jüngeren Datums mit Zukunft präsentiert, deren unglaublich großes potentielles Fassungsvermögen sich bereits andeutend, bei weitem noch lange nicht ausgeschöpft ist."

"Eyes Like Snow haben mit dieser Scheibe etwas zusammengestellt, das man uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen kann, zumal die Stücke hier brandneue Kompositionen sind, die es nur auf diesem Sampler zu haben gibt. Reinhören lohnt sich."

"This split EP is one of the strongest to emerge for a long time. Every band delivers the goods in spades, and in the case of The Flight of Sleipnir, produces some of their best songs to date."
5/5 -

5/6 - Metallian Mag #65 (France)

"This split makes me feel warm and fuzzy – a bit like settling in to a well-worn armchair with a princely pour of bourbon – and clearly marks Eyes Like Snow as a label to watch for all things charmed and doomed alongside your Shadow Kingdoms and I Hates and so forth. For my money, Flight Of Sleipnir ekes out the win with a unique and engrossing blend of psychedelic stoner sonics with epic/folk metal structures, but Apostle Of Solitude and Rituals Of The Oak are obviously no mere hangers-on or also-rans. But hell, that’s really what splits like these should be about – exposing folks to possible new favorites just as much as finding kindred metallic spirits, even as each puts a different shine on the same apple."

"Ganz im Ernst: Solange Northern Silence den Rest der Welt mit derartigen Sahneschnittchen versorgen, müssen die Jungs und Mädels aus Annaberg-Buchholz sich wohl keine Sorgen um einen verfrühten Einzug ins metallische Walhall machen. Geile Sache, kaufen! Unbedingt!"
15/15 -

"Diese Split ist vielseitig, abwechslungsreich sowie eingängig, monoton und fesselnd zugleich. Ein enormer Facettenreichtum sorgt dafür, dass man sich diese CD immer wieder anhören kann, und man immer wieder Aspekte heraushört, die man zuvor noch nicht bemerkt hat. [...] Dadurch haftet dieser Veröffentlichung etwas sehr geheimnisvolles an, das sie zu etwas ganz Besonderem macht."

"Great split from Eyes Like Snow records. All bands bring their own version of doom to the table and refuse to apologize. Best three-way I’ve had in months."
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