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Solitude Aeturnus - Through The Darkest Hour

January 2012


1st press
red vinyl - 100 copies
clear vinyl - 400 copies

2nd press (out March 2012)
black vinyl - 500 copies

Additional Information:

"Through The Darkest Hour", the 3rd album of Solitude Aeturnus, was first released on CD by Pavement Music
in 1994 and, like our previous two Solitude Aeturnus LPs, has never been available on vinyl before.

Most fans of Epic Doom Metal probably agree that Solitude Aeturnus are among the very best bands of the genre, sharing the throne of Epic Doom with Candlemass and perhaps one or two other bands, depending on who you ask. Most fans also agree that the first three albums of Solitude Aeturnus are their best, with the top position varying, again depending on who you ask.

At any rate, with the first two albums having seen a vinyl release through Roadrunner in the early 90s, "Through The Darkest Hour" is at present arguably the most important and probably most anticipated release for vinyl collectors in the Epic Doom Metal scene.

The LP comes with new, exclusive artwork, in a heavy gatefold jacket, on coloured (1st press) and black (2nd press) vinyl, respectively.


I. Falling
II. Haunting The Obscure
III. The 8th Day: Mourning
IV. The 9th Day: Awakening
V. Pain
VI. Pawns Of Anger
VII. Eternal (Dreams Part II)
VIII. Perfect Insanity
IX. Shattered My Spirit