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Solitude Aeturnus - Downfall

Released: June 2012

Format: LP

100x purple vinyl
400x white vinyl

Additional Information:

"Downfall" is the fourth and final vinyl release of Solitude Aeturnus in our series, filling the last hole in their discography.

Together with the early 90s pressings of their first two albums on Roadrunner Records it is now possible for collectors for the first time to own their complete discography (in terms of studio albums) on vinyl. About time, for one of the best and most influential Epic Doom bands ever!

The LP comes on coloured vinyl, with brand new, exclusive cover art and UV-lacquered gatefold jacket.


I. Phantoms
II. Only This (And Nothing More)
III. Midnight Dreams
IV. Together And Wither
V. Elysium
VI. Deathwish
VII. These Are The Nameless
VIII. Chapel Of Burning
IX. Concern