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The Flight Of Sleipnir - Algiz + Berkanan

Released: June 2012

Format: LP

150x brown vinyl
350x white vinyl

Additional Information:

At last, "Algiz + Berkanan", the band's impressive debut album, gets its long overdue vinyl treatment. Coming from a Black Metal background, their first full length, while already hinting at their fable for Doom Metal and Progressive Rock, shows yet more focus toward the Viking Metal elements in their unique style.

The rich songs on this album incorporate the powerful, aggressive potential of their Black Metal roots with their trademark clean male vocals and melodic lead and acoustic guitars into a seamless whole, an album that effortlessly floats between powerfully pounding parts and a relaxed Viking-like campfire atmosphere, with additional progressive elements fit in wherever they add to the wonderful mix.

In short, The Flight Of Sleipnir showed right from the start what gifted musicians they are and any fan of their later efforts will certainly love "Algiz + Berkanan" as well.

To round up the first in an unbroken series of exceptional release of this band, David created another wonderful artwork, exclusive to this vinyl release. The LP comes on coloured vinyl in a heavy UV-lacquered gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster with the fantastic "Hel" artwork.


I. Algiz
II. Birchfire
III. Four Winters
IV. Berkanan
V. Entombed In Earth


"Tread the path to Hel" A2 Poster
(available separately in our shop and included for free with the LP)

A new, limited shirt will be released along with this LP.

"Tread the path to Hel"

Available as T-Shirt, Girlie-Shirt and Hooded Sweatshirt.



Shot, edited and produced by The Flight of Sleipnir

Firedancing by Heidi Milan
Recorded in the rocky mountains near Idaho Springs, CO