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Vinum Sabbatum - Bacchanale Premiere

CD - August 2012
LP - December 2012

A5-Digi CD

A5-Digi CD - 1000
LP - 150x purple / 350x yellow vinyl

Additional Information:

Vinum Sabbatum's first full length displays a band grown into a tight unit. The material is somewhat removed from the Doom Metal approach of "Songs From The Convent" and showcases more of their love for Prog & Hard Rock rooted in the 70s, such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple or Atomic Rooster, along with Blues-based Heavy Rock á la early Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Warhorse & Iron Claw.

So there is still heaviness here, they merely traded the obvious Doom Metal leanings for an exciting mix of bluesy doom and gloom, combined with psychedelic and rocking grooves with enchantingly catchy melodies, and crowned by the remarkable voice of Janne Salo and the Hammond Organ and keyboard of Tomi Korpela.

The first press of the CD comes in A5-Digipack, limited to 1000 copies.

The LP comes with 350g gatefold cover, including A2 poster with the cover artwork, on coloured vinyl.


1. Earthrise
2. Gospel of Mary
3. Tombstone Rider
4. In and out of Faith
4. The Devil's Cradle
6. Culdremne
7. Vinum Sabbatum




The following link leads you to a special of Bob Anglum's awesome "The Soggy Bog Of Doom" podcast featuring, among various other tracks from our releases, the entire "Bacchanale Premiere" album in all its greatness!

The Soggy Bog Of Doom
- Eyes Like Snow Special -


'Bacchanale Premiere' is the right choice for everyone that likes his 70s Hard Rock straightforward and dark or his Doom as old school as it can get. "

"There are two things that made me fall in love with VINUM SABBATUM: The first one is, the very characteristic tone of Janne Salo’s voice along with the in-front, louder-than-necessary, vintage way it comes out in the production. The second one is the great solos which sound as if they come straight from a lost tape of some great band of the 70’s hidden in some basement.
Fans of CACTUS, BLACK SABBATH and IRON CLAW you might just have found your new favorite band."

Eine herrlich knarzige Blues-Rock Atmosphäre in bester 70er Jahre Manier. […] Wer bereits Gefallen an ”SONGS FROM THE CONVENT” finden konnte, wird von ”BACCHANALE PREMIERE” keinesfalls enttäuscht werden und kann bedenkenlos zugreifen. "

... the content of “Bacchanale Premiere”is highly addictive, especially if you consider yourself a fan of the late 60s/ early 70s psych (Hammond-driven) Rock and you still have a sweet tooth for the tunes in the vein of CACTUS, ATOMIC ROOSTER, URIAH HEEP, and of course, Jon Lord-esque DEEP PURPLE. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about pure, awesome, proto-Doom Rock! [...] One thing is certain: VINUM SABBATUM have managed to capture the feeling and the essence of the late 60's/early 70's Psych/Retro Rock in “Bacchanale Premiere” and have done it better than a lot of other young bands of this scene. It’s quite obvious that these guys spent a lot of time creating this album, avoiding completely to follow the ‘copy/paste’ sickness of nowadays’ music industry by putting their personal point of view in how Retro Rock should be played. Well done, sirs! "
(9/10 -

"Wow, ich bin mal wieder beeindruckt von einem musikalischen Edelstein, den fünf Freunde im finnischen Hyvinkää gefunden, oder besser: erschaffen haben. VINUM SABBATUMs Erstling "Bacchanale Premiere" klingt, als sei er zwischen 1968 und 1970 in einer mittelenglischen Industriestadt entstanden. […] Alle Freunde psychedelisch-bluesigen Urdooms kommen bei VINUM SABBATUM voll auf ihre Kosten. […] Wer auf skandinavischen Retrorock von WITCHCRAFT und deren Kollegen GRAVEYARD steht und die trotz Hypes nicht schlechten GHOST gern hört, braucht "Bacchanale Premiere"! […] Zuschlagen, Leute- diese Platte sollte in keiner halbwegs ernsthaften Sammlung fehlen! "
(12/15 -

Abschließend bleibt zu sagen, dass man mit "Bacchanale Premiere" ein Album abgeliefert hat, das zwischen Bands wie "Ghost", "The Devil's Blood" und "Reverend Bizarre" nicht untergeht - nein, es möchte sich nichtmal mit diesen messen. "Vinum Sabbatum" spielen ehrlichen Rock, ohne dass man das Gefühl hat, dass sie versuchen, irgendeinen Trend hinterher zu laufen. Und das macht nicht nur die Musik hörenswert, sondern auch die Band sehr sympathisch"

The new full-length finds the Hyvinkää five-piece well assured of their aesthetic and what they want to be as a band, the kind of doom they want to make and just how much classic and cult heavy rock they want to put into it. The answer to that last question seems to be “a lot.” More even than their EP or the split. Bacchanale Premiere places itself next to the heavy of old, sonically, and as a result, atmospherically."

I’m not sure of the band is looking to get completely out of the doom metal genre but if this an attempt in that direction, they’re on the right track. They still got ways to go but getting there. Some bands try to evolve over time, some fail, other succeed. Vinum Sabbatum have succeeded in improving upon an already impressive (short) back catalog. "

"Bacchanale Premiere’ is a great slice of stoner-y Scandinavian psychedelia. Fans of Black Sabbath and Rainbow as well as contemporary throwback bands like Witchcraft, Ghost and Graveyard will dig this. "