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The Wandering Midget - From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams

CD - November 2012
LP - February 2013

Digi CD
CD jewel case

Digi CD - 999 (50 as Die Hards)
CD jewel case - undisclosed
LP - 150x purple vinyl (50 as Die Hards)
350x silver grey vinyl

Additional Information:

After four seemingly endless years of deep, earshattering silence, the Wandering Midget returns from his secret travels into the unknown, and again holds us spellbound with new tales of the strange, the sad, the evil and the macabre.

Classic Finnish Doom Metal that truly is one of its kind - epic and sorrowful, mystical and obscure, hauntingly beautiful, melancholic, occult, lyrical and dark!

A magic potion to intoxicate the worshippers of early Candlemass, The Lamp Of Thoth, Reverend Bizarre, Wheel or Griftegård, enriched with their own secret ingredients and creeping horror á la Lovecraft and Poe. An elegy to the world of dreams, an album to drown in...

The CD comes in a limited collectors edition of 999 copies in Digipack with 8-page booklet & alternative artwork, as well as a regular edition in jewel case.

50 digis have been released as a "Die Hard Edition" incl. A2-poster, patch, sticker & this exclusive T-shirt:

front                      back

The 2LP comes on coloured vinyl, with gatefold cover, A2 poster and exclusive vinyl bonus track!

50 copies of the LP will be available as "Die Hard Edition" including the 2LP on purple vinyl, the above T-shirt, sticker, patch, and CD listening copy.


1. Prince Of Fire (5:36)
2. Temples In The Sky (20:12)
3. She-Wolf (12:24)
4. Follow The Forest Lights (17:31)
5. Desert, Prayer And Sacred Smoke (12:11)*
*exclusive vinyl bonus track

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Besides the exclusive Die Hard shirt a limited album shirt has been released as well:

black shirt:

or white shirt:

front                      back

The following link leads you to a special of Bob Anglum's awesome "The Soggy Bog Of Doom" podcast featuring, among various other tracks from our releases, the entire "From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams" album in all its greatness!

The Soggy Bog Of Doom
- Eyes Like Snow Special -

first press of the Wandering Midget CD
(gold coated discs) has a minor sound problem
and has been re-pressed. Buyers of the first press can request a copy of the re-press (silver coated discs) from us - free of charge, of course. Just send us an email incl. your address and where you bought your copy.

Original cover art
(LP, CD jewel case & booklet of the Digipack)

Alternative cover art
(Ltd. Digipack & patch of the Die Hards)

A2 Poster (LP & CD Die Hard Edition)


"THE WANDERING MIDGET ist die Band, nach der sich jeder Freund des klassischen und stimmungsvollen Doom die Finger leckt und „From the Meadows of Opium Dreams“ ist definitv eines der Genrehighlights 2012. Hören und genießen!"
(9/10 -

From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams is just a masterpiece and an overall amazing album. With the slow, simple, raw riffs and powerful drum beats there is no beating this album! […] When the unmistakeable vocals of Samuel Wormius come in you get a sense of how truly awesome this band is! […] Overall and awesome album from a great band!"
(9/10 -

The excellent songwriting and arrangement is really where the band excels; putting together 4 songs that define doom metal in all its glory. […] Now it has been 4 years between albums so they did have time to get things just right but even with that in mind, this goes far beyond what any doom fan would expect. In 55 minutes 'The Wandering Midget' deliver one of the most captivating doom albums released in recent years with 'From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams.' Superior songwriting, top-notch production, great musicianship and cool artwork is what you get but you also get what might be the best doom album released in 2012. If you take it in small sections, the songs are great enough but considering how epic these songs are, it just makes this an even more of a remarkable release."
(10/10 -

Along with PYLON and ALTAR OF OBLIVION it completes the holy trinity of epic doom releases of the year but this one is much more appropriate for the dedicated, one-sided, die-hard Doom fan. Moreover, it manages to surpass both the aforementioned in matters of quality and songwriting power. To tell you the truth any comparison is not quite fair as in my book “From the Meadows of Opium Dreams” is one of the greatest releases of its kind. This band is destined to walk in the footsteps of the great Finish Doom giants. Period. Get the record as soon as you can from Eyes Like Snow (a label that has huge contribution to traditional Doom)."

"Auf ihrem Zweitwerk begeben sich THE WANDERING MIDGET auf eine abenteuerliche Reise, auf der immer wieder die unterschiedlichsten Einflüsse aufgegriffen werden, um sie geschickt zu einem stimmigen und interessanten Gesamtpaket zu verarbeiten. So besticht ”FROM THE MEADOWS OF OPIUM DREAMS” sowohl durch kernigen traditionellen Doom Metal, als auch psychedelischen Heavy Rock, in gekonnter Kombination."

Despite the length of every track, the band have managed to create something that is never boring and always surprises you with unexpected twists and turns. An impressive release both in terms of songwriting and musical approach, and without a doubt one of the Trad Doom highlights of 2012."

"Vor diesem besonderen Tonträgerwerk gehe ich respektvoll vor Ehrfurcht erstarrend in die Knie! Nach der gewaltigen Düsterdoomtonträger-Schwemme innerhalb dieses Jahres wundert es mich nun überhaupt nicht mehr so richtig wirklich, wenn als Fazit des hoffnungslosen Zustands folgendes Endergebnis resultiert: - der Geheimtipp des Jahres in Sachen Epischer Slomo-Düsterdoom kommt  - (wie könnte es auch dem Sinn entsprechend anders sein?) aus Finnland!"

"The album is, most strikingly, a real textbook example of a band making something grandiose without having to appeal to, and rely upon, embellishments to their musical recipe - A power-trio, but one which manages to sound far vaster than just three musicians. The depth and magnitude of the music on the record certainly belies the small assortment of instruments involved - merely guitar, bass, vocals, drums and a couple of effects here and there, manages to conjure something which really does sound dream-like and immense. The vocals, especially, are extremely powerful, a cross between very refined, almost classical baritone, and Saruman the White, which, I assure you, is as powerful and atmospheric as it sounds. Like a few of the bands I've looked at this month, The Wandering Midget seem to be a band with whom vocals are a real cherry on top, carrying what is already good doom to a whole new level, with soaring vocal lines which are memorable from the first listen - always, in my book, a definite plus. Cruising below the soaring vocals are the riffs, which are certainly the second highlight of the album - the riffs tend to really feel like they're carrying a hefty atmosphere, with each chord really elevating the music, building up."
(8/10 -

The Wandering Midget marries stoner doom´s imagination with traditional doom´s structure in vocal presentation and execution. The band is instantly enjoyable due to their confident ability to go over the top on every single bullet point. […] Choirs, atmospheric interludes, wandering riffs, this shit keeps going on and I am loving every second. "

Despite the "let's get Cheech & Chong up in this bong"-styled title and cover artwork, this record delivers a choice example of the clean and beautifully primal style handily forged by fellow countrymen Spiritus Mortis and Reverend Bizarre that's devoid of unnecessary "ball-tripping" effects. […] Had From the Meadows of Opium Dreams found its way into my lap last year, it surely would've cracked my top twenty. "
(8.5/10 -

9/10 -

"From the Meadows of Opium Dreams" может потягаться с рядом альбомов этого года за звание doom-релиз 2012, и все шансы на победу у него есть. The Wandering Midget могут победить по всем категориям. Качество исполнения и записи материала прилично хороши, интересность песен высока, и я, пожалуй, отмечу пусть и незначительную но долю оригинальности ряда композиций. Альбом хорошо ровно настолько, что очень не хотелось бы ждать нового ещё четыре года, и я рассчитываю на то, что трио не станет грезить своими опиумными кошмарами неприлично долго, но займётся тем, что у них так хорошо получается, в кратчайшие сроки. "

The band from Finland reaches its peak with this release; the comparisons with fellow Finnish band REVEREND BIZARRE are probably unavoidable. But in the end of the day if you are a traditional old school Doom Metal fan then “From The Meadows of Opium Dreams” is the album for you. Do not miss it, you will be sorry… "
(9/10 -

Saubere Sache, erfrischend trocken produziert und so unmassenkompatibel wie's nur irgendwie geht. So muss Doom sein! Geil! Kaufen!"
(12/15 -

Ihre von Minimalismus geprägte Instrumentierung, ebenso wie ihr Gespür für fesselnd treibende, mächtige  Riffs machen ihr nun zweites Full-Length-Album „From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams“ zu einer wahren Ohrenweide für alle Fans der langsamen Brachialität. [..] Der Gesang ist wie geschaffen für Doom Metal. Die gehemmte, unterschwellige Aggression, die sich hinter leichtem Grölen und festem Klargesang verbirgt, besticht durch seine ruhige Aura, und macht das Album zu einem zeitlosen Werk des Doom Metals. "
(8.5/10 -

The performance, the recording, the riff, the lyrics, the solo, the dynamics, everything, it's just ... wow. 
This was one of my most highly anticipated albums of the year and it delivered in an epic way.
Paranoid Hitsophrenic Blogspot)

"From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams" gehört zumindest für mich fraglos zu den fünf besten Doom-Alben des Jahres."
(9/10 -