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The Flight Of Sleipnir - Saga

CD - February 2013
2LP - August 2013

A5-Digi CD
CD jewel case

A5-Digi CD - 1000
CD - undisclosed
150x red vinyl (50 of them as Die Hard)
350x green vinyl

Additional Information:

"Saga" is the band's 4th album and by now I think we can dispense with comparisons. The Flight Of Sleipnir have become their own reference - a fact to which a large and continuously growing fan base attests.

On "Saga" David & Clay have further refined what has become their very own style, a totally unique combination of Viking and Doom Metal with progessive elements, which they developed and improved with every release.

In this respect, the new album is a consequent continuation of "Essence Of Nine", with its focus on acoustic parts, melodic guitar leads and clean vocals on the one hand, and raw Viking/Black Metal outbursts on the other, everything merged into a seamless whole. In short, an exciting and never boring or repetitive journey through a rough northern landscape, interspersed with relaxed nights around the campfire.

The album was first released in A5-Digi (ltd. 1000) and CD jewel case. The DLP comes in gatefold cover, on coloured vinyl, incl. 8-page booklet & A2 poster.
We also have Die Hard editions of the CD (incl. A5Digi, T-shirt, A2 poster, woven patch & sticker) and vinyl (incl. 2LP, T-shirt, A2 poster, woven patch, sticker & CD listening copy), each edition limited to 50 copies!

Here's an image of the exclusive T-shirt of the Die Hard editions:

...and the poster of the Die Hards and 2LP:


I. Prologue
II. Reaffirmation
III. Reverence
IV. Harrowing Desperation
V. Heavy Rest The Chains Of The Damned
VI. Judgment
VII. Demise Carries With It A Song
VIII. The Mountain
IX. Hour Of Cessation
X. Remission
XI. Beneath Red Skies
XII. Epilogue

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Elusive beautiful, startling, and emotive in every possible sense, ‘Saga’ is one of those indefinable albums that doesn’t just grab you by the ears, but leads you body and soul into a whole other world."
(8/10 -

Once more the exceptional leads steal the show but THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR excels in the screaming vocals as well as the acoustic guitars section too. Most songs contain riffs that are some of the most memorable ones the band ever wrote. THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR is one of my very favorite bands with only excellent records so far, but I consider “Saga” as their best record to date. “Saga” is a reference point for fans of the band but can also work as the best introductory course to the ones who haven’t heard them before. So far the 2013 is good but it is the first monster record of the year for me."

Fazit: Eine weitere fesselnde Reise in die Zeit der alten Glaubenskulturen einschließlich deren Landschaften und Legenden. Jedes T.F.O.S. Album bürgt für hohe Qualität, wobei diesmal über eine Stunde Spielzeit reichlich Freiraum zum träumen und Verweilen in anderen Sphären gewährt, ohne den  Wiedererkennungswert im geringsten zu verlieren.  THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR sind und bleiben einzigartig, genau das und die Tatsache, das jedes Album anders klingt als sein Vorgänger, macht das geniale Duo für's eisern treu ergebene Fanklientel so ungemein wertvoll."

Dieses Mal wird ein noch größeres Augenmerk auf dynamische Elemente gelegt, ruhige Zwischenspiele oder komplett akustische Stücke ('Mountain') mit Klargesang nehmen einen großen Teil des Albums ein. Der Kontrast, der zwischen diesen und den harten, Black Metal-lastigen Passagen entsteht, ist damit noch ein Stück größer geworden, und THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR gewinnen dadurch ein großes Stück an Variabilität.[...] Am Ende steht wohl das beste THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR-Werk bis dato."
(12/15 - Legacy Mag)

Saga is an excellent album, especially suitable for the cold winter months."
(81/100 -

"Flight of Sleipnir obviously deserve more adulation and attention from metal fans, and this is as good an album as any of their on which to start if you’re new to the band. They’re excellent at blending styles and sounding as if it what comes naturally to them and not a gimmick, and their lyrical and musical storytelling is mighty and a force of nature. Luckily for those of us who have been along for their ride with this band, they’re not bound to run out of Nordic influence any time soon, meaning “Saga” is destined to be just one thrilling chapter in a larger overall story."

Besser als mit "Saga" kann ein Jahr kaum beginnen. THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR schaffen es problemlos, die Qualität ihrer Vorgängeralben zu halten oder genauer noch auszubauen – das sogar über eine Stunde. Hier ist es leicht, sich vor den künstlerischen Fähigkeiten der beiden sowie dem Anmut des ganzen Albums zu verneigen... ."
(9/10 -

With Saga, Flight of Sleipnir have created a grand sense of the epic. Its mysterious, ethereal, and thunderous passages are captivating and vivid, making it a pathway to other times, other lands and, most importantly of all, other states of mind. The best metal takes you places, and The Flight of Sleipnir gathers you up and utterly soars."

"If you have reached the conclusion that “Saga” is the band’s most melancholic work, then I tell you, you’re right; “The Mountain” and “Remission” unfold THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR sentimental side (I really love the absence of drums in the first one), without making the album mellow (or even boring), since every track serves a specific role inside “Saga”. And while all these thoughts gravitate inside you, right after the first spin of the album you’ll realize the existence and the grandness of the aggressive, Black Metal side of Folk-ish melancholy and – why not? – you will even fall in love with it.
(8/10 -

The album has great riffs that simply hook you from the first listen and moments like on Demise Carries With It A Song, perfectly blend the simplicity of an acoustic riff with the epic nature of the sound these guys work to create here. A catchy riff and drums build up pace till they cut out into an odd audio sample that drops into an acoustic riff and melodious chanting. The guitarwork on this album is simply incredible, from riffs that grip you to absolutely transcendent solos. There is not a moment on the album that the guitars could ever be deemed weak. Fans of traditional doom albums should check this out."
(83/100 -

What truly helps the music shine, and makes Saga more than just another blackened folk album, are the stoner elements. There are plenty of moments throughout the album that are dominated by a riff-heavy, groovy guitar tone […] and at some points even well-carved bluesy guitar leads! The additional dimension these elements add to the music cannot be understated. […] These two creative visionaries have managed to pack something in for everybody with this distinct mix: folk metal, stoner metal, and black metal fans (even though the BM elements are minimal) will likely all find something to enjoy in it."
(8.5/10 -

Für mich macht "Saga" seinem Namen alle Ehre, die Schwächen der Vorgänger wurden abgelegt und die Band hat ihr bislang bestes Werk geschaffen. Dieses Mal stimmt auch die Spielzeit von über 60 Minuten."
(12/15 -

"Eine weltferne Verträumtheit dominiert einen Großteil von „Saga“, was nicht nur durch sehr schöne Akustikgitarrenbeiträge, sondern auch durch ein sehr feinfühliges Drumming bewerkstelligt wird. Die dabei gewagte Kombination aus akustischem und elektrischem Gitarrenspiel, sowie enorm wenige synthetische Elemente machen „Saga“ zu einem Hörgenuss der ganz feinen Sorte. [...]  Für Fans der melancholischen Melodik, des emotionalen Black Metals, des groovigen Dooms, des melodienreichen Post Rocks und nordisch mythologischer Romantik ist „Saga“ eine Pflichtanschaffung. Ebenso für Freunde der eigenständigen Musik, denn THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR bieten hier tatsächlich etwas, das es so in der Form sonst nicht gibt, und sich darüber hinaus auch durch die Gehörgänge von genrefremden Musikfreunden schmeicheln kann."
(9/10 -

Absolut empfehlenswert für alle Fans des Black Metal, Doom oder Postrock! TOPSCORE!"
(10/10 -

"Så domen lyder: Rekommenderas starkt! Har du inte redan hört dem så ta och lyssna in dom på Bandcamp, det vore synd om du missade det här. Kanske även ta chansen att köpa skivan för att få chansen att lägga något riktigt vackert till samlingen. Själv är jag säker på att jag kommer att lyssna mycket på denna plattan i framtiden, för att inte tala om att det finns en schysst backkatalog att ta del av. Sweet!"
(8/10 -
Spader Ess Blogspot)

‘Saga’ is by far The Flight of Sleipnir’s longest work to date and it is majestic and epic in scope. Despite its hour run time there is not a wasted minute to be found on the band’s fourth full-length nor is there anything that could be considered a misstep. The duo has meticulously crafted a beautiful album that ups the ante in terms of overall atmosphere and song craft while leaving an indelible impression on the listener. Not to take away from The Flight of Sleipnir’s previous releases, but ‘Saga’ easily transcends the remainder of the band’s discography. This is 10-out-of-10 material"
Temple of Perdition Blogspot)

Of course the highlight of Saga, which is also true for their previous albums, is the riffs and the melodies (much more in Saga) that the band is able to produce. With really emotional and addictive-to-the ears leads, the band is able to capture your interest. […] If your interests in the doom metal scene, falls a bit more towards the epic sound and you do not mind some extreme influences in that then Flight of Sleipnir is definitely the way to go."
(4.5/5 -