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Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio

Released: November 2009

Format: 2-LP

(click for pic):
150 copies silver marble vinyl
350 copies silver vinyl

Additional Information:

"Adagio", the 5th album of Solitude Aeturnus, was first released on CD by
Massacre Records in 1998 and now gets vinyl treatment for the very first time!

There can be no doubt that Solitude Aeturnus rank among the best Epic Doom Metal bands in the world, for many people they are the best. During the 20+ years of their career they have released six full length studio albums and more than half of them must be viewed as landmarks in the history of Doom Metal. They have yet to release a weak or even average album and we doubt that that will ever happen.
Hence, we are proud and grateful for the chance to give their masterful art proper vinyl treatment and offer these gems to their fans who were no doubt waiting for them a long long time.

This double LP comes with packaging of the highest quality - heavy 350g Gatefold jacket, thick 280g full colour cardboard inner sleeves and heavy, coloured 180g vinyls.


I. My Endtime
II. Days Of Prayer
III. Believe
IV. Never
V. Idis
VI. Personal God
VII. Mental Pictures
VIII. Insanity's Circles
IX. The Fall
X. Lament
XI. Empty Faith
XII. Spiral Descent
XIII. Heaven and Hell