NSP 055 :  Kampfar - Kampfar MLP

Release date: July 2007

After many years of waiting for both fans and collectors the brilliant first release of Kampfar has finally been released on vinyl!

Actually, just having the cover art in lp size is well worth buying the mlp but since this is a true gem for fans of Norwegian
Black/Viking Metal the MLP has to come, naturally, in the national colours of Norway (and of course handnumbered):

- 300 in red vinyl -
- 300 in blue vinyl -
- 300 in white vinyl -

The first 66 copies of each version come with an exclusive Kampfar patch and are only available from Northern Silence.

1. Kampfar
2. Hymne
3. Hjemkomsten

Offical Homepage: www.kampfar.com