Jord och aska

NSP 166 :  Nasheim - Jord och aska DigiCD/LP

Release date CD/LP: February 22nd, 2019

Following 2014's "Solens Vemod", "Jord och aska" is the second full-length album by Sweden’s Nasheim since the band’s inception in 2001. It represents, in many ways, a refinement, maturation and realization of much of the potential and promise hinted at in the earlier works.

With sole member Erik Grahn’s compositions and performances now being enhanced by graceful, beautifully recorded strings and the powerful drumming of David Ekevärn, "Jord och aska" reaches higher peaks and plumbs deeper depths than its predecessor. It is an ambitious, intricately crafted, painstakingly detailed journey of over 40 minutes of continuous, thematically interwoven music, moving effortlessly between hopes and dreams, oppression and despair.

Though its Nordic Black  Metal roots remain distinguishable, "Jord och aska" paints with progressive elements of Doom Metal, Gothic Rock and Nordic Folk music to achieve a fuller palette of sounds than before in its approach to Nasheim’s particular, misty sonic landscape.

Adorned again with an exclusive oil painting by Ricky Jonsson and accompanied by atmospheric photography, "Jord och aska" comes as a fully realized audio-visual package:

- the CD 1st press as Collector's Edition in 8-panel digipack, limited to 1000 copies
- the second press as regular edition in jewel case with 8-page booklet

- the LP in reverse-board printed, uncoated gatefold cover, with printed cardboard innersleeve,
on orange + white splatter vinyl (ltd. 99) and silver vinyl (ltd. 199)

- accompanied by an exclusive, limited album shirt with the cover art


1. Att sväva över vidderna (20:01)
2. Grå de bittert sådda skogar (5:35)
3. Sänk mig i tystnad (16:23)


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