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NSP Underground Series

DEAD LIMBS - Spiritus/Sulphur CD

HORN - Turm am Hang CD

Cat. No. NSP147
Dead Limbs (BRA)
Title: Spiritus/Sulphur
Format: DigiCD
Information: Outstanding
Atmospheric Black Metal, musically influenced by Agalloch & Mgla, and conceptually dealing with aspects of Greek mythology and Hermetic philosophy, while also being heavily influenced by the "Souls" series.

Cat. No. NSP148
Horn (GER)
Title: Turm am Hang
Format: DigiCD
Information: 8th studio album, inspired by an old German folk song, the lansquenets, wars of the past, tribalism and the spirit of masculinity. Stylistically, the songs seamlessly blend in with the "Feldpost" material (2015).


GHOST BATH - Starmourner CD/DLP

Cat. No. NSP149
Heretoir (GER)

Title: The Circle
Format: DigiCD/CD/DLP/TS
long awaited 2nd album “The Circle” deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Interweaving crushing heaviness and atmospheric dreaminess, the album portrays a deeply emotional journey – a life dedicated to the sun and to freedom.

Cat. No. NSP150
Ghost Bath (USA)

Title: Starmourner
Format: DigiCD/CD/DLP/TS
Ecstasy. Joy. Paradise. Cosmos. A surrealistic journey through
the heavens, drenched in sorrow. Heavy. Melodic.
Dramatic. Nostalgic. Atmospheric Black Metal.


EMYN MUIL - Elenion Ancalima CD

Cat. No. NSP151
Skyforest (RUS)

Title: Unity
Format: LP
Much anticipated vinyl release of one of the most noteworthy Atmospheric Black Metal albums of 2016.  Recommended for fans of Elderwind, Aquilus, Eldamar, Lustre or Summoning. Available on purple and white vinyl. Ltd. to 500 copies.

Cat. No. NSP152
Emyn Muil (ITA)

Title: Elenion Ancalima
Format: DigiCD
Second album. Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal for fans of Summoning, Caladan Brood, Sojourner, Eldamar and the like. Feat. guest vocals by Hildr Valkyrie.

BELENOS - Chants de Bataille CD

ELDAMAR - A Dark Forgotten Past CD/LP

Cat. No. NSP153
Belenos (FRA)

Title: Chants de Bataille
Format: CD/A5-DigiCD
Long overdue reissue of the third album, remastered and including revised booklet with English translations of the French lyrics, as well as 5 exclusive bonus tracks. Over 70 minutes playing time.

Cat. No. NSP154
Artist: Eldamar (NOR)
Title: A Dark Forgotten Past
Format: CD/DigiCD/LP
Much anticipated 2nd album of the Tolkien-influenced one-man Atmospheric Black Metal act from Norway. Fans of the very successful debut will be please to hear that Eldamar continues the epic journey to Alfheimr / Elvenhome on the same mystical path.

VALLENDUSK - Black Clouds Gathering & Vallendusk DLP

ANGANTYR - Foragt 7"

Cat. No. NSP155
Title: Black Clouds Gathering & Vallendusk
Format: DLP
Following the successful release of the band's 2nd album "Homeward Path" in 2015, it is about time now for the much requested vinyl release of their fantastic debut album. As a bonus, the three songs from the debut EP will be added as well, bringing the playing time of this DLP to more than 90 minutes!

Cat. No. NSP156
Angantyr (DK)
Title: Foragt
Format: 7"
Five years after the 5th album "Forvist", and 20 years since the founding of the band,
Ynleborgaz returns with two exclusive new songs that set the stage for the upcoming 6th album. This is classic Angantyr material - cold, hymnic Northern Black Metal without compromise.