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SKY 002

Klimt 1918 - Just in case we'll never meet again (Soundtrack for the cassette generation)


March 2009 (1st press, red vinyl)
February 2011 (2nd press, black vinyl)

Format: LP


red vinyl -
250 copies [sold out]
black vinyl - 250 copies

Additional Information:

The LP comes in cool retro-look with heavy, UV-lacquered 350g jacket and printed inner sleeve, limited to 250 handnumbered copies on blood red vinyl (1st press) and 250 copies on pitch black vinyl (2nd press).


I. The Breathtaking Days (Via Lactea)
II. Skygazer 
III. Ghost of a tape listener
IV. The gradudate
V. Just an interlude in your life
VI. Just in case we'll never meet again
VII. Suspense music
VIII. Disco awayness
IX. Arget
X. All summer long
XI. True love is the oldest fear


Licensed from
Prophecy Productions