Lunar Falls

NSP 172 :  Suldusk - Lunar Falls DigiCD/LP

Release date: April 12th, 2019

Emily Highfield’s one woman project Suldusk has woven the acoustic tones of Dark/Neo Folk with elements of Post Rock and Atmospheric Black Metal to create a powerful panorama of shimmering guitars, haunting melodies and atmospheric density on her debut album “Lunar Falls”.

The album’s undercurrent theme is about living on the margins, and the intolerable suffering and sacrifice in the quest for identity. Nature provides much of the lyrical inspiration as the source of refuge and guidance throughout this quest. It is dedicated to the memory of Aleah Starbridge. “The Elm” is an adaptation of Aleah’s and Juha Raivio’s song “Sinking Ships”.

Suldusk's debut album “Lunar Falls” will be released digitally, on CD as Collector’s Edition in Digipack (limited to 1000 copies), as well as on LP incl. insert & A2 poster (99x black/white half-and-half + 199x black/white marble vinyl)


1. Eleos (1:56)
2. Solus Ipse (5:14)
3. The Elm (3:31)
4. Aphasia (4:40)
5. Three Rivers (5:31)
6. Autumnal Resolve (2:19)
7. Catacombs (4:35)
8. Nazaré (5:13)
9. Drogue (2:53)
10. Sovran Shrines (7:23)


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