Into Dust

NSP 083 :  Undivine - Into Dust CD

Release date: September 4th, 2009

On their second album Undivine (consisting of members from In Aeternum, Isole & Rimthurs among others)
once again show how the melodic Black/Death from Sweden is properly celebrated. Influenced mainly by the
Swedish acts that came before them such as Dawn, Dissection & Hypocrisy as well as Marduk, Dark Funeral
and the classic Swedish Death Metal they unleash an inferno of Swedish power that nearly turns your speakers
Into Dust...


1. Intro
2. From Sickness And Disease
3. Deadbells
4. Sowing The Seeds Of Downfall
5. I Dream Death
6. Wake Up To Another Nightmare
7. My Name Is Legion
8. Vomiting Ancient Blood
9. Pain Is The Cleanser
10. Into Dust

Offical Homepage:


www.friedhof-magazine.com (in Spanish): 8/10
From The Dust Returned
Blog (In English)

www.heavyhardes.de (in German): 5/6
www.imperiumi.net (in Finnish)
www.metalcrypt.com (in English): 4.25/5
www.metal-district.de (in German): 8.5/10
www.metalreviews.com (in English): 79/100
www.metalroxx.com (in German): 9.5/10
www.nocturnalhall.com (in German): 7.5/10
www.powermetal.de (in German): 7.5/10
www.taakefrost.de (in German & English): 7.5/10
www.the-pit.de (in German): 8/10