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Next NSP releases (no release dates yet):

Belenos-new album CD
Caladan Brood/Emyn Muil-Split CD/LP
Gallowbraid-new album CD/LP
Gris/Sombres ForÍts-Miserere Luminis 2LP
Heretoir-new album CD/LP
Vallendusk-Black Clouds Gathering/Vallendusk 2LP

Last Update: December 22nd, 2014

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New Releases

Ghost Bath - Moonlover DigiCD
(NSP 133)

New album of this obscure band. Depressive Black Metal for fans of Woods Of Desolation, Deafheaven, Gris or Heretoir.

CD o
ut in April 10th, 2015. LP out in Autumn 2015.

Saor - Roots DigiCD/CD/2LP
(NSP 129)

"Roots" is the much anticipated reissue of Saor's debut album from 2013, released under the former bandname to high acclaim from fans and press alike, and rapidly sold out everywhere. All editions will feature an exclusive bonus track. The limited 2LP comes with alternative artwork.

CD o
ut Jan 30th, 2015. 2LP out March 13th, 2015.

Saor - Aura DigiCD/CD/2LP
(NSP 128)

2014 seems to become the year of solo-projects. We continue with the highly anticipated 2nd album of Saor from Scotland. Atmospheric Celtic Metal at its best!

CD o
ut June 20th, 2014. 2 LP out March 13th, 2015.